Learning Engineering is the development, evaluation, and improvement of the processes, methodologies, and educational technologies that lead to predictable, repeatable learning outcomes. Learning Engineers utilize research from the science of learning and the affordances of technology to address instructional challenges and create conditions that enable robust learning and effective instruction at scale.

The International Learning Engineering Society (ILES) is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to the formation and development of the Learning Engineering field. We strive to raise the visibility of Learning Engineering by providing professionals who create educational materials with access to the research-based tools, techniques, and promising practices that are essential to creating large-scale effective and efficient learning environments and experiences.


Interested in learning more about Learning Engineering? Want to help shape how learning experiences are designed, developed, and distributed around the world? ILES is currently inviting those who create and/or research learning experiences with technology (e.g. Learning Scientists, Instructional Designers, Software Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Educational Technologists, Cognitive Psychologists, etc.) to join us as members of ILES.

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Our Members

ILES members join us from the following organizations: